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Welcome to Atlanta Air Charter

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Phone:  (770) 419-2001

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Atlanta Air Charter provides an exceptional travel experience for each of our clients, eliminating parking issues, security lines, commercial flight delays and the wait at the baggage claim. We save you time with direct flights to and from the most convenient airports to your office, home, or destination. You will enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own aircraft, as well as:

  • Just-in-time, flexible scheduling - your plane is waiting for you on the ramp

  • Drive right up to the plane and we’ll park your car in our secured hangar

  • Increased efficiency by planning multiple, same day customer or site visits

  • Reduced costs associated with overnight stays

  • Reduced commuting and drive time to small markets by using general aviation airports near your home, office, or destination

  • 24/7 availability

  • Emergency parts transportation - saving your company time and money


Private air travel is ideal for flying your whole team to new business or project management meetings. We’re extremely cost effective compared to other carriers…or even the commercial airlines. When you consider the increase in your personal productivity; the prestige, comfort, and privacy of your own aircraft, your overall experience with us will be unsurpassed.

Phone: (770) 419-2001 | Fax: (770) 419-8266